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Free Matrigma Test Practice with Answers

As part of a prep course that I offer for candidates who’re facing the Matrigma test, I provide you with a short, 10-question Matrigma-style sample test. The time limit is 10 minutes. Each question is a classic figural matrix item (3X3). You must find the missing bottom frame and you are given 5 possible answer options.

You have about one minute per each question. Upon test completion you will:

  1. be able to see the explanations per each question once you’re finished.
  2. get a score report that compares you to other candidates.

Quick Introduction – What is the Matrigma Test?

Matrigma test in one of many assessment tools that measure General Mental Ability (GMA). It was developed by a company called Assessio, and is now owned by Hogan.

Matrigma test consists of a single question format, known as abstract reasoning matrices, which are 3×3 grids that contain objects that adhere to certain logical rules. There are six answer options and test takers are asked to decipher the logic behind the cells in the matrix by reading it across the rows and/or columns.


Figure: Simplified question sample


According to its publishers, Matrigma test is an excellent predictor of job performance. It does not require candidates any prior knowledge or experience and thus is said to escape any cultural biases.

There are two Matrigma test versions:

Adaptive Matrigma: This version has a 12-minute time limit, like most cognitive ability tests in the industry. You have a time limit of one minute per each item. The maximum number of items available is 40. This version is available on desktop, tablet and mobile phones. 

Classic version: 40 minutes and 35 items. According to official Matrigma resources, this is (quote) “a generous amount of time to answer all the items in Matrigma.” 

10 Hand-picked Free Resources for Matrigma Test Practice

In addition to the above short test, and perhaps more importantly, I have hand-picked a list of 10 free resources on the internet that can serve as good Matrigma test practice resources. It is highly advisable to follow them all and dedicate time and attention to each question as this is the best way to familiarize yourself with the different rules and tricks that govern Matrigma questions. Click on the tabs below to discover all the resources.

  1. This test does not contain answers or explanations, but it’s definitely worth taking just to familiarise yourself with more concepts.
  2. This is a short yet nicely designed timed test with 8 questions and explanations:
  3. Another short but nicely done test with 12 questions and answers. You will have to provide some basic details in order to receive the score and answers:
  4. This test is provided by Mensa Norway, part of the “IQ society”. It contains 32 questions and while it doesn’t provide the answers, it will tell you how well you did:
  1. A must resource, provided by the Connector Ability test company. Solved samples questions on pages 104-111 of this PDF:
  2. Indiabix is one of my favourite free resources. Here’s a nice collection of practice questions with explanations:
  3. This is a nice collection of practice questions:
  4. Some additional sample questions:
  5. This guy claims to have taken the Matrigma test and he shows two sample questions:
  1. This guy goes over a series of figural matrix questions and shows how to solve them.

Score Higher on Matrigma

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How to Solve Matrigma Test Questions? A Definitive Guide

If you want to ace the Matrigma test, you must be familiar with some common and known concepts that have been in use ever since figural matrices have become a tool to measure cognitive ability.

Below I bring you the complete list of concepts that were scientifically researched by psychologists for the past 90 years. These concepts will equip you with important insights when trying to solve the questions seen on the Matrigma test. They are ordered by level of difficulty.

Concept 1 – Color Change

Objects can change colours and fill patterns throughout the matrix.

Matrigma test concepts: color change


Concept 2 – Number Change


Matrigma test concepts: number change


Concept 3 – Rotation and Movement

Objects can rotate clockwise or anticlockwise, usually by 45° or 90°. They can rotate around themselves:

Matrigma test concepts: rotation


And they can also move within the cell in similar, 45° (half step) or 90° (whole step) intervals:

Matrigma test concepts: movement with rotation


Concept 4 – Flipping/Mirroring

Vertical and horizontal flipping, or mirroring, are also very common concepts that are used in figural reasoning matrices.

Horizontal flip:

Matrigma test concepts: horizontal flip

Vertical flip:

Matrigma test concepts: vertical flip


Concept 5 – Folding and Symmetry

Certain symmetrical shapes can be folded to create other shapes. Notice the light dashed line that indicates the folding plane. It was only added to emphasize the effect and will likely not show up in the test.

Matrigma test concepts: symmetry and folding


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My prep course helped over 2,500 candidates to date.  4.8/5 reviews. Only $24, free sample lesson, and free practice test.

Matrigma Test Results: How to Interpret?

The Bad news is that your score report will not include any indication as to how many questions you got right or wrong. That’s another way for Matrigma’s owners to increase test confidentiality.

In addition, you will only be told whether you scored below, above, or average on the test.

However, I dug deep into the test’s technical manuals to find out that for the classic version of the test, the average score of the general population is 18 out of 40, which is roughly half the amount of questions on the test. This is not surprising: For most cognitive ability tests, the average raw score is around half the amount of items in the entire test.

What report will the employer get?

Upon completion of your Matrigma test, the employer will receive a detailed report that includes a graphic representation of your performance, as seen below:

Matrigma test score report

The numerical values do not reflect amounts of correct answers, these are scaled scores. In addition, the same graph and scaled score can be given to both the classic version or the Adaptive Matrigma version (12 minutes). In short, 68% of the population score between 3-6 and constitute the average. Any score below 3 will be regarded as below average and is thus not a recommended result. Any score above 6 will be considered above-average.


What report will you get?

As mentioned above, you will not be getting a detailed graphic report as the employer does, but only a short verbal description of the score ranges (below average, average, above average)  and how your score relates to them.

Raven’s Progressive Matrices Vs Matrigma

Raven’s Test of Progressive Matrices (RPM) is the first and most popular matrices test that was ever used to measure cognitive ability. The majority of items on this test are 3X3 figural matrices. The similarity between the Matrigma test and Raven’s matrices is very helpful since it functions as a point of reference. In addition, the Raven test is so popular that it has been the subject of numerous academic research studies. Some of the free external resources above are actually Raven Matrices questions.

Matrigma Test Brain Teaser 1


matrigma test brain teaser question 1



Expand to discover the answer


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