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What is the McQuaig Mental Agility Test?

The McQuaig Mental Agility Test (MMAT) is a 15-minute, 50-questions long assessment that measures cognitive ability also referred to as “g”. By Agility, the test makers refer specifically to one’s speed of thought, which is the ability to carry out cognitive tasks in short time frames.



Test Content

The McQuaig Mental Agility Test assesses verbal comprehension, mathematical abilities, and reasoning abilities. Test takers are allowed a piece of scratch paper but are not allowed to use a calculator. The test can be administered online or with pencil and paper.

Let’s break down how the three main abilities are assessed on the MMAT:

Mathematical Ability

These questions will assess your ability to work with and understand numbers. Question types will include:

  • Word problems
  • Number series
  • Basic arithmetic calculations

Keep in mind that you cannot use a calculator, so it’s worth it to brush up on your basic arithmetic before the test. In order to succeed in this section, you must master these basic topics:

  1. Four basic operations
  2. Decimals
  3. Percentages, Ratios, Averages, Speed, distance time
  4. Volumes

Let’s look at an example to show how a simple question can ruin your score if you solve it in an ineffective way:

24 skateboards cost $1160. What is the price of 4 skateboards?

This is a ratios question, and it certainly isn’t complex. However, the MMAT requires us to solve this question within 20-25 seconds. The challenge is thus to solve it very quickly, rather than stretching the calculation time to 50-60 seconds.

We moved from 24 to 4 skateboards, which means a division by 6. We need to maintain the same ratio and to divide 1160 by 6.

1160/6 can be estimated quickly by picking a number close enough to 1160 that divides by 6 with no remainder.

1200 is a perfect choice, since 12/6=2. Thus, we’re at a ballpark of 200, but it should be smaller than 200 since we added 40 for rounding purposes.

40/6 is approximately 6 so we’re looking for a number around 200-6=194

With proper training, you can get yourself to solve such questions in reasonable time frames that will get you a higher score on the MMAT.


Verbal Comprehension

This section includes a few question types, and mainly requires a rich vocabulary:

  • Antonyms
  • Synonyms
  • Odd words

Here’s an example question:

Which is a synonym of indefatigable?
proper; enervated; tireless; slovenly

indefatigable means incapable of being fatigued.

Logical Reasoning

The questions under this topic are verbal in nature, and thus also rely on strong vocabulary. They include:

  • Analogies
  • Word games
  • Deductions and conclusions

Here’s an example question: 

Dusk is to sunset as Childhood is to….

Dusk comes after sunset. Similarly, childhood comes after infancy.

McQuaig Mental Agility Free Practice Test

Take my quiz that includes 20 questions and lasts 6 minutes, to get a feel of what the real MMAT would be like.

Upon submission, you’ll get a score report that will break down your performance in each section and will compare you to the general population of test-takers who’ve taken this quiz before. You’ll also get a chance to read the explanations per question and to grab some time-saving tips.

MMAT Score Report Structure

Your score is determined based on the number of questions you answered correctly out of 50. You do not lose points for getting a question wrong. For example, if you got 30 questions right, your score would be a 30, regardless of how many of the others you got wrong or skipped.


This score is then converted to a percentile score, which tells you how you performed relative to other candidates who took the test. A test taker’s ability is broken down into the following categories: 

# of correct answers Candidate group
45-50 exceptional high ability
38-45 high ability
25-37 average ability
Below 25 below average ability 

Given the above table, you should aim to get to 38 correct answers and above, which is possible with adequate training in advance.  

You can see a real score report on the Mcquaig website, though it won’t tell you much.

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Some Tips

  • You are not expected to answer all 50 questions, as the short time limit makes this a rare feat.
  • Questions also do not need to be answered in order, so it is recommended that you skip over the more difficult questions and answer the ones that are a bit easier. You can always go back if you have time left.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between mental agility and mental ability?

Mental agility and mental ability aren’t substantially different. The McQuaig test measures the exact same abilities as most other mental ability tests and cognitive assessments, such as processing speed, analytical skills, and reasoning skills.

How can I ace the McQuaig Mental Agility Test?

Success on the MMAT starts with focused preparation. Going into this test unprepared will likely hurt your chances of doing well and will lower your odds of getting hired. The test’s limited time is its biggest challenge, so understanding the specific question types will go a long way toward getting you moving through the test more quickly. Reviewing realistic practice questions, along with timed taking full-length practice tests, is the best way to get you into a good rhythm and to perform to the best of your abilities on test day.

Will I lose points for guessing incorrectly?

No, your score is only based on the number of questions answered correctly. Because of this, it does not hurt to guess if you do not know the answer. At the same time, because of the limited time constraints, it’s best to skip around and answer the questions that are less challenging first.

Disclaimer: 12MINPREP is not affiliated nor belongs to McQuaig which are the owners of the McQuaig Mental Agility Test (MMAT). This website solely provides information on how to prepare for cognitive ability tests.