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Yes, indeed. In each course, you’ll find a module that displays all the quizzes/tests you took. You’ll be able to:

  1. review your score report
  2. access the questions and answers of each test, including the explanations.

Technically you can do both. However, unless you were told that your test will be delivered via a mobile phone, it is highly recommended to use a bigger screen (laptop/desktop). Course materials such as videos, articles and other study guides, can be consumed via a smartphone. We do not recommend that full-length mock tests will be completed on a mobile device. Not because the system is not built for it, but simply because many questions in cognitive ability tests, and especially the abstract reasoning section, are packed with details that can easily escape your attention on such a small screen. It is best to take these tests (and the real test of course!) on a desktop screen, ideally 13-inch and above.

Excellent question!

  1. Our courses are structured, specific and holistic: They provide you with a digestible syllabus and a 360° understanding of the text/topic you are facing, by using mixed learning methods: Video lessons, PDF guides, curated practice resources, practice tests and practice drills.
  2. Our courses are short and effective. Each lesson lasts no longer than 12 minutes to keep you focused and to save your time. This means that courses as a whole can be completed within hours.
  3. Our courses not only include our self-proprietary materials but also refer you to additional, hand-picked free practice resources on the internet. This allows exposure to more questions and insights.
  4. Our courses are built with a deep passion for the subject. We research each topic rigorously and bring you all the important insights that employers and/or test publishers have no intention to provide you with.
  5. Our courses are priced fairly and there will always be a free route available for you if you really struggle with your finances at the moment. An example of this is our 100% free cognitive ability prep course. Perhaps the free route won’t be as satisfactory as the paid route because it will lack the specifications of your own test, but it will definitely equip you with the tools and insights to become a smarter candidate.


Within the limitations of copyright and intellectual property law, we do our best to use freely available internet resources to study the test at hand. Combined with our deep knowledge in test preparation and test item development, this is satisfactory to create and follow the principles and question styles that characterize each test.In addition, we collect feedback from our customers to continually evolve and improve our materials.

Beware, if you’re looking for a copy of the real test, you won’t find it here. We believe each candidate can improve their performance and confidence by practicing and internalizing key concepts relating to each test. We provide the foundations and framework to acquire those principles, but at no point will we feed you with the answers to the real test. That’s plain wrong and prohibited. We also don’t advise you to take the cheating route at any circumstance, as it will almost always backfire. We’re here to help you improve. Believe in yourself that you have what it takes to improve without any illegal aids. If you’re still hesitant, just take our free course to see what we can deliver.

In most cases, we try to make our tests more difficult than the real test. This is not done in order to demotivate you, but rather to prepare you for test day, on which you are more likely to feel competent to deal with the very strict time frames of the test.

In addition, each course and/or test will expand on this aspect as needed.

Purchases & Refunds

Each course has its own access duration. Make sure to check the course features on the course page you’re interested in. In any event, the access period is generous to make sure you’re not stressed and to prevent frustration. You will also enjoy all updates and additions made to a course at no extra charge. The only reason there’s a limitation on the access duration is due to historic abuse attempts.

Each test that is included in the paid portion of the course can be taken multiple times.

There is a free test sample in each course that is limited to one attempt, and it is our way to protect our materials from abuse.

Absolutely not! Our products are one-time purchases and do not include recurring billing of any sort. You can rest assured that you will be charged only once per each paid course you decide to purchase.

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy, which means we refund fully if you are not satisfied with the service.

We do, however, expect for constructive feedback and a reasonable explanation for the refund request, so that we can learn and improve our service.

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