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Hi There,

Are you a job seeker who is about to start your job search journey or have already been invited to take a cognitive ability test as part of the application process? This free cognitive ability test preparation course is a great prep option for you. It will not only provide you with the big picture on cognitive ability tests but will also provide tips, sample questions, solving strategies and recommended ways to optimise your prep schedule.

This course was designed to be short and effective and you can complete it within hours via any device.

And yes, this course is 100% free! Simply click on the Curriculum tab and start practicing. I look forward to seeing you on board.


Free Cognitive Ability Test Course Awesome Features

  • The only course dedicated specifically to pre-employment cognitive ability tests
  • Short and engaging video lessons packed with tips, examples, and more
  • An assessment test that will evaluate your current performance per topic
  • Review of all sections of cognitive ability tests – numerical, verbal, abstract, miscellaneous
  • PDFs with additional advice and curated resources for practice and further reading


Who is this Cognitive Ability Test Course Good For?

If you are applying for a job and were asked to take a cognitive ability test, taking my free course is the best way to kick off your preparation journey. There are a few popular cognitive ability tests that are used by employers these days, and they all share in common certain (though not all) characteristics: Time limit; # of questions; topics and question styles. Here are some cognitive ability tests for which my course can serve as an excellent starting point:

  • Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (Criteria Corp)
  • Logiks General (Intermediate) (Cubiks)
  • Matrigma Test (Assessio)
  • Predictive Index Learning Indicator (Predictive Index Company)
  • Revelian Cognitive Ability Test (Revelian)
  • Wonderlic Personnel Test (Wonderlic)
  • Core Abilities Assessment (Pearson)

What Will You Learn?

  • All the important facts about Pre-employment cognitive ability tests
  • Important information as a test taker
  • How to prepare
  • The various question styles and tips for speeding up your response times
  • Discover your strengths and weaknesses


Why Prepare for a Cognitive Ability Test

Good question! A pre-employment cognitive ability test is not only a very popular screening tool that is used by thousands of employers worldwide, but it is also very different in nature from other aptitude and psychometric tests. Scientific evidence shows that preparation can increase your performance on this test.

FAQS Answered

Q: Will this Free Course cover every aspect of my upcoming cognitive ability test?

A: No, this is an introductory course. Although it is packed with practice questions and advice,  each cognitive ability test has unique characteristics, including different question styles and time limitations, so you must also prepare specifically for the test you are about to take (e.g. Wonderlic, Logiks, CCAT, etc.). It is recommended to complete this course since it’s short (1.5 hours) and it will cover universal concepts and insights that are shared by the most popular tests.

Q: What will I gain from taking this course?

A: By taking this course you will know what to expect, how to prepare for your test, how to solve popular question styles, and most importantly, you will be able to assess your current performance in the different mental sections of those tests (numerical, verbal, abstract, miscellaneous) through sample questions and an assessment test.

Q: Do you also offer preparation resources for specific tests?

A: Yes we do! Browse our Courses to see if we can further help you. In any case, it is highly recommended to take this free cognitive ability test course offer, as the course is short and efficient, and will contribute greatly to your understanding of the subject and your individual preparation journey.

A Great Bonus: Continue practicing with a prep course for your needs

Once you’re done with the basics, I can help you maximize your score potential on any of the below tests with my premium courses:

  • Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test
  • Predictive Index Cognitive Assessment
  • Revelian Cognitive Ability Test
  • Logiks General (Intermediate) 


Nice to meet you

Gideon, Founder at 12 Minutes

Former Director and VP at test prep companies, ex-teacher and private tutor.
Knows pre-employment cognitive ability tests inside out. Passionate about helping you succeed.

About Instructor


Founder at Former Director and VP at test prep companies, ex-teacher, and private tutor. I know pre-employment cognitive ability tests inside out and I am passionate about helping you succeed.

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  1. This is a very informative, well-rounded prep course for approaching any CATs (Cognitive Aptitude Test).

  2. (5/5)

    It’s really a good course for test preparation, easy to follow with clear explanation and lot of resources. Thanks a lot!

  3. (5/5)

    The author is very professional, the course is one of the best initiation courses. You can almost learn most of the tips and tricks with this free content but you will need to get the premium course if you aim a higher score. I definitely recommend this course to anyone who just started to learn the CCAT principles

  4. (3/5)

    The course was indeed a lot more than I expected, with a huge amount of useful links to other websites information and tests.
    I would like to have been able to take the mock test provided more than once to practice keeping to the time set. Overall a useful preparation aide.

  5. (5/5)

    This course has been insightful and helpful. I’m also very happy that it’s been a free course, as I’m not very liquid in regards to finances at the moment. However I will be back to get more in depth courses in the future to improve on my skills and abilities. Thank you!

  6. Very helpful practical and concise introduction course, great as a quick compilation of cognitive ability tests. Well organised explanation and supporting documentation (pdfs) with free resources (links) for practise. Highly recommend it !

  7. Very good. Easy to approach and plenty of options for further learning. Especially worth your time if you are completing assessments for graduate program applications. Thanks Gideon!

  8. It is wonderful that someone has designed a free course. As basic as cognitive tests sound, it covers the required essence of the test. Highly recommended for someone with limited time.

  9. Detailed course with explanations along with documentation. This was quite helpful. My initial score was low and discouraged to try again. However, after learning from prior mistakes, I understood how to response. Unfortunately, time expired. Could not grasp Spatial awareness. I would highly recommend this course. Be prepared to invest TIME !!!

  10. I cannot explain the gratitude for such a well compiled course. This course has steered me in the right direction and I truly appreciate. This has saved me a lot. God bless you sir.

  11. Very helpful information. Great introduction to what a Cognitive Ability Test is if you were clueless to like me.

  12. (5/5)

    So helpful! Thank you so much. I know the areas I need to improve on. The content is easily digestible.

  13. (5/5)

    I was going through all the available sources online to prepare for my ccat exam, and I realized I am here on the right platform. Thank you so much for the material , it in fact was very helpful for me. Keep helping the aspirants the way u r doing sir.

  14. (5/5)

    Great course. I am going to purchase CCAT course based on how well this one was designed.

  15. (5/5)

    Very grateful you shared this knowledge with all of us and happy I found this before taking the test! Thanks!!!

  16. (5/5)

    This is essential for anyone that is going to take one of these tests. I found that I didn’t always understand what the questions were asking for, and this helped with that. Let’s face it, if you don’t know what they want from you, you’re probably not going to answer correctly. Second, it gives good tools to understand the types of questions and tools for solving the general categories. I feel that my score went from average, to very good, I’m going to study to become exceptional.

  17. (5/5)

    After taking this course I can say that I’ve been able to improve on many levels. Thank you so much for making this course available for students for Free. May God bless you

  18. (5/5)

    Great and very necessary to get the picture and learn how to improve your skills, before taking any CAT tests. Thanks.

  19. (5/5)

    Great intro to CATs and it’s free!!! Wish had seen it earlier. Great additional resources.

  20. (5/5)

    Thank you! Super helpful and takes some of the “unknown” out of the process. Helped me realize where I need to improve.

  21. This free course help me a lot to understand what is this & how can I get good score in it to land a next step in job opportunities.

  22. I really enjoyed this course and learned new things. Exellent design and very interactive. Thank you.

  23. Excellent walk-through of aptitude test question types and tips & tricks to solve them. Free mock test was cheery on top! Thanks for this free course.

  24. Really enjoyed this course. It quickly goes over parts of the cognitive testing used in the interview process, and I was able to quickly assess how much I’ve forgotten since high school. The explanations really help, and I especially appreciate the sources offered at the end of each lesson, as well as Gideon’s soothing voice, letting me know it will be alright.

  25. Its a great free lesson. I was able to get an idea on what are my area of improvements that I needed to work on.

  26. Thank you, Gideon. Test or not, I think everyone should do this and keep training so that our brain keeps at its peak performance.

  27. Great job with the curriculum. Your course helped me close the gap in a short time, helped me be more confident in my decisions. Your help is greatly appreciated!!

  28. Coarse was very Helpful. 33 was the highest I scored in the practice tests. Scored 38 in the real test which corresponds with the idea that the practice is a level more difficult.

  29. Thank you Gideon, now I know what to expect in the test and how to deal with each type of questions

  30. Its been a while since I had to interview to a new job and so when I was invited to take CCAT test, I immediately started researching and thankfully I found 12minprep. The free introductory course allows one to get back into the mind frame of testing and focus on the type of questions so one is not caught by surprise. Build your strategy and focus on your strengths to achieve a higher score. Practice, practice, practice. Job well done and thank you for building this solution and to start the journey of more success. I am looking forward to taking additional courses to better prepare myself for my next opportunity. Great way to improve yourself during a pandemic!

  31. so thankful I found this course!! I wish we could retake the final quiz in Module 8 but other than that, this course provided great resources, thanks!

  32. Very Good course to understand and learn all about the CCAT Test. Plenty of information to invest time in getting prepared for the test. Thank you it was very valuable insights and information, tricks, etc. Great course!

  33. The course was structured well and provided useful tips to attack various types of questions.

  34. This is awesome! I should buy the course just for helping this detailed help out… it will be totally worth it… I had to determinedly scroll very long to give this review (please check if you can put it on top of the comments or something easier). Cheers and thanks a lot for a more than awesome course!!!

  35. Thanks for the useful insights – I certainly gained some great insights into how these tests work. Fingers crossed I can put it into practice!

  36. So helpful to have such a wonderful resource, thank you Gideon! It’s been 7 years since I have had to interview, now as a result of COVID layoffs, I find myself in the company of so many others, needing to put my best foot forward! Thank you very much for dedicating your expertise to help people prepare, in such an easy to follow way. I love the additional resources as well! KUDOS! I also appreciated your prompt reply when I couldn’t find how to actually LEAVE a review! Scroll all the way to bottom (through hundreds of reviews – I didn’t scroll far enough) and there it was! It would be great to have an easier link at the end of lesson 9, or something with the instructions. No worries, it’s done and did NOT impact my overall impression of such a great resource.

  37. Great course and well worth the time that it takes to complete it. The test-taking strategies that I have gained from this course have already paid off with a higher score on my practice tests.

  38. Very informative, easy to follow and to understand. The guidelines are clear, now the rest of the work is up to us! Loved this, thank you Gideon!

  39. Excellent prep course-structuring! Also got a prompt response from Gideon towards my query regarding the mock test result analysis/ statistics. Just 1 tip – make the time-limit for the timed questions in the curriculum as close to the real scenario – as possible – to give a realistic idea of the actual assessment and get geared up accordingly.

  40. This guy knows his subject! Excellent introductory course! I’ll be purchasing the CCAT course now.

  41. Thanks so much for the prep! I think this was very helpful for my jumpstart practice to taking my CCAT test! Really showed me where I need to prep more! Great course!

  42. I was looking for a Wonderlic test preparation course. This was the best that I found in the market, and free! Much better than those AUD100 ones.

  43. I’m impressed of all the time and efforts that you’ve put into creating this well-structured and free course. Gathering and providing information about a huge number of online tests is a humongous work by itself! My hat off!

    I certainly learned a lot and enjoyed completing the course. The best part, perhaps, was the final test where I could easily identify my weaknesses and strengths, e.g. I have to do a lot more training on the verbal part, while I won’t need to spend much time on the numerical part as I do very well there . Thank you!

  44. Brilliant course content. It took me taking the free tests to realize my weak areas and how much putting in effort will help me with preparations to improve my score.

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  49. Excellent course! Thorough explanations and great content in each lesson. 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking to sharpen their skills with respect to Cognitive Ability.

  50. The review really helps to see where improvements need to be made, the only issue I have is that some of the explanations for some of the practice problems in videos were not entirely thorough.

  51. I already knew my weaknesses but now know some tips and tricks to get the score needed to land my dream job. Thanks Gideon!

  52. Thanks Gideon for the free course, downloadable resources with links and tips! If I had more time, I wish I could take the entire course to prep.

  53. Lot of inputs & tips for free test itself. And also revealed very clearly that I need lots of practice still. Thanks for this free course and all practice resources.

  54. An excellent resource that gave me a clear understanding of what to expect going into the CCAT. Excellent supplementary resource with ample practice questions/links. I highly recommend this course!

  55. Helped me identify weaknesses. Haven’t taken the real thing yet, so not sure how it translates. But certainly feel me more prepared going into it now after taking this course, as opposed to before taking it.

  56. This is a nice free introductory course for cognitive aptitude test.
    I highly recommend taking this to see how it looks and to experience the near real-life feeling when taking the test.

  57. This is overall a very nice course to start with. It gives you a glance at what you have to deal with before moving on to a more serious course.

  58. The fact that its offered absolutely free is amazing. This course has indeed been very helpful!

  59. Wow! The detailed structure this course has is just amazing. Gideon have mastered each and every aspect and angle of this course. I learned about CCAT a lot in just spare of a time. Thank You very much for this. God bless you.. perfectionist. I wish if I would’ve got mentors like you in my academia. I just have interview tomorrow and this was the best I could do to prepare in available time. I would have definitely gone further into paid resources from you if I had more time. Again Thank You very much.! I’ll recommend 12minprep to everyone.

  60. Gideon,
    you did a great job explaining the material and the fact this is free is amazing. The only issue I have is that the the test provided is not like the real assessment (12 minutes and 50 questions). Everything else is perfect and for free this is absolutely worth the time.

    Thank you.

  61. The free course and assessment is a excellent taster of these assessments. I would always recommend taking the full course.Thank you for the free resource

  62. I found your video about CAT’s on youtube and after subscribing I decided to take your course, among other excercise approach. Really appreciate the quality of your resources. Will certainly get into the paid resources to study further.

  63. This course offered an extraordinary experience! This is by far the best course I have ever participated on-line (and there were really many!). To the point, extremely informative, super clearly explained. I loved it!

  64. Thought, the info was good. Clearly enough to generate interest to purchase the paid training. I’m good with all of that. My one insignificant gripe is you can only take the practice once. I didn’t finish it so there’s more to get thru that I couldn’t. I know you get what you pay for, but who cares if I take it multiple times?

  65. This was awesome!! Especially the PDFs and links to the various websites and resources. This course was awesome!!!

  66. Thanks so much for putting this together and making it available. Unfortunately, I was interrupted early on during the assessment test and closed it which resulted in being unable to retake the mock uninterrupted and receive an accurate measure of where I stand. No other disappointments other than that – thanks Gideon!

    1. An excellent course, very well designed and delivered. Thank you, Gideon, for sharing your knowledge about CAT tests.

  67. He is an excellent teacher. His English is so easy to follow and to understand for non-native speakers. Materials and tests are very good. Thank you for all the effort.

  68. Useful, but after the mocking test the program is not responding and does not give the opportunity to look through the questions\answers after. Disappointed.

  69. Excellent free course if you want to acquaint yourself with CATs and the types of questions you will be asked. Highly recommended!

  70. Thank you for your efforts. I got 167/170 GRE score (quantitative part) five years ago. But I got an under-average score from the free quiz. Of course these are different tests but both of them related with cognitive ability. Actually I surprised by the difficulty of the test. Especially the time constraint is very challenging.

  71. It was very insightful. I always thought i had these things covered. I realized i still have loads to learn. Thank you for sharing this.

  72. The free introductory course was really useful.
    The best free content that is available on the web. Had I had the time, I would have gone for the paid course too.

    No other websites even come close to what this website offers.. Keep up the good work…!!

  73. Very useful course! If I was to change anything, it’d be updating the practice links (since some were no longer working) but overall I learned a lot in only two days so I strongly recommend.

    Thanks Gideon 🙂

  74. This FREE course is too good to be FREE! Highly recommended. It’s loaded with value, tips, and tricks!

  75. this training course is detailed and exceptional.. covers essentials… i would highly recommend it.

  76. Excellent training. I got used to the test, improve my performance and was able to complete the 50 questions.

  77. great course, very helpful! some constructive feedback, if i may:

    1. took me forever to think to look beneath the other 286 reviews to find where to submit my own. why would a user have to scroll a mile down to the bottom to post a review? yet here we are 🙂

    2. i noticed when reviewing my results that the questions i answered wrong showed both my answer and the correct answer. i also noticed that very significant number of the problems i answered correctly were marked incorrect and did not show my answer at all, indicating that my answer was not recorded which makes it difficult to benefit from the aggregated results. (imho, for a no negative scoring test, a user should not be able to skip a question without at least guessing anyway.) it could well have been user error, but i recall that at one point i realized that clicking on an answers div filled that answer’s selection, thus saving me a second mousing from an answer’s radio button on the left to the next button on the right. (an opportunity for ui improvement?) i suspect that these answers may have been dropped from submission somehow. not being able to retake the test is preventing me from testing my theory, but i thought it may be worth sharing. this is the only reason for docking a star, the content was superb!

    3. it would be fantastic if users were allowed to complete the test for the purpose of assessing strengths and weaknesses across the full spectrum of questions. times per question could be logged and aggregated by type and the test expiration time could still be noted in the results as well.

    4. i am consistently flummoxed by situations where there can be more than one logical answer. i would love to see some advice included on how to decide what to do in this scenario. ex. “25 is to 4 as 49 is to x” if we let the format be “d1d2 is to x” we could say that “x = 0.5+averageOfDigits(d2^d1)” granted, its a longer solution, but in this case 9^4 = 81*81 = 81+80+6400 = 6561 and (6+5+6+1)/4 + 0.5 = 5, which was also an available answer.

    that ended up being a bit more than i had planned to write, but i hope its helpful 🙂

  78. Beautifully constructed. Nicely explained. The paid versions could be priced a bit lower though.

  79. What great work you guys are doing here. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the course and the fact that it is for free is a huge thing. Thank you.

  80. Thank you, Gideon!! I found your course to be very helpful with the tips you gave and everyone can have the best practice with the links you provided within the course material.

    1. It is very informative and helped me to understand the mindset and the goal of the test providers in giving these tests. It’s difficult to say whether it is going to be enough information to pass the test. But considering that its a free course – I give it 5 stars.

  81. Thank you for the superb guide! Well presented and much appreciated the exercise material links, offering this at no cost, Thank you so much.

  82. An useful course, well structured, concise and with many resources. Thank you for offering this course for free 🙂

  83. Tests are really comprehensive and well explained with answers and lots of practice and reading material included. Many thanks.

  84. I agree- George Clooney’s course helped me. Kidding aside- I’m taking CCAT for a hedge fund. His free insight, videos, and 2 practice exams allowed me to see where I was weak, apply his guidance where necessary, understand the various ways that these questions should be approached, and prepare me for the sit-down exam experience. Thank you and I wish your future success.

  85. Instructor does a great job at explaining answers and dives into each topic enough to get an idea of what you should work out. Helped me tremendously

  86. Thank you Gideon for sharing your knowledge, your course is very well designed and tremendously useful.

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    1. Very Impressive course, the course has been put in a more simplified format, easy to to understand and progress well.
      Thanks Gideon and team, Wish you all the best !!!!!!!!!!

      1. Thank you so much with these extremely helpful resources and tips. It makes me identify my weaknesses, and especially clarify different types of questions. I really learn a lot from them. Definitely thumb up and again appreciate your kindly help.

  88. Very helpful with concise, simple explanations. Gideon’s tone of voice and demeanor is kind and calming. A great refresher for all of us!

  89. Very helpful, especially the part in Lesson 8 that stresses how critical it is to work quickly and prioritize as you take the test. I’m very glad I found this course and took it. Thank you Gideon !

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  91. Nice tips and practice questions. But really tough to answer questions in just 9 minutes!!!

  92. Only had a few hours to go through the course and still I learned some very useful shortcuts and strategies in even that short amount of time.

  93. This is Post Real Test Review: The contents match the exam. The fact mock tests are a bit harder than real test has granted me extra seconds on real test.
    Please pay attention to ALL details in this preparation material. There is no single note/advice that can be undermined. Content of 12minprep has been prepared with sincere efforts towards your success if you follow!

    1. Excellent course. The test is a bit difficult to complete, but it is obvious that this platform is the best I’ve seen.

  94. I wish I’d found this site earlier. My memo from the company said no prep was necessary. I decided to look around on the internet a bit for practice courses. I wasted so much time with other free prep that just wasn’t any good. I wish I’d found this site earlier as my test is in a few hours. This site is excellent. Thanks

  95. EXCELLENT !! .

  96. Loved it. Just reviewed the concepts after a busy day. Will apprear in an exam tomorrow morning. Thanks a lot.

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    1. P.S. I subsequently purchased the CCAT Cram Prep Course. I could not have prepared effectively without these free and for-purchase resources. Highly recommended.

  100. Very good introductory course. It is very didactic and helps you understand what you will face with the different types of tests.

  101. Thanks a lot! That was very nice. I’m sure without practice, just rushing in, most of us would spoil the real test and not because we’re not intelligent or smart enough. Each type of examination apart from obtaining the necessary skill requires familiarity with task types. Than you for such a helpfull tool to get to know what we should be prepared for!

  102. Gideon has provided a free course including practice tests and supplemental study materials here free of charge. I failed my practice test with a dismal 20% but think I got kicked out as well because I wasn’t able to go back and review any answers. I have a prospective employer who has requested I take the CCAT. I will continue to use Gideon’s resources to prepare. Thank you, Gideon.

  103. Very good, I loved everything about the course ranging from the high level of visual explanations, to the presentation and the pdfs for practice. Thank you so much creator.

    1. Excellent free course, great exercises and very clear explanations and strategies. I loved the emphasis in practicing. Thanks so much!

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  106. great investment of time: Solid content, clear and easy to follow, excellent resources for further study. Only nit it that the sound level was a bit soft, even when internal speakers are turned up to the max. It could be a local problem, but I haven’t observed that with other content. Thanks for making this available! Fantastic site.

  107. Great investment of time: Solid content, clear and easy to follow, excellent resources for further study. Only nit it that the sound level was a bit soft, even when internal speakers are turned up to the max. Could be a local problem, but I haven’t observed that with other content. Thanks for making this available! Fantastic site.

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  110. Gave some great insight on how to answer questions. I liked the practice portions. i wasn’t really interested in the mechanics of scoring etc in the first few lessons. Nice resource for being free.

  111. Extremely helpful – would be great to get a copy of the practice exam to keep and study from.

    Thank you for your generosity!

  112. 5 STARS !
    I strongly recommend this great resource that Gideon has created for prospective candidates. The tutorials are very meticulously complied and easy to understand. The quiz prepares candidates for the most difficult scenarios and in a way this is very helpful as it can easily motivate one to go the extra distance in preparation.
    Thank you.

  113. Good videos supporting the message and great extra references.
    Would be nice, if there were a timer for each question being asked in the tests.

  114. VEry helpful, and I really appreciate that is free, and give us the chance to take the quiz at the end. Thanks a lot!

  115. A great way to understand some basic strategies for approaching the different types of questions.

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  118. Thank you so much for such a helpful course and for sharing so kindly your time, effort and expertise with the community. Wishing you a very prosperous entrepreneurial experience!

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  120. Thanks for putting this together, helpful for school leavers navigating the job search process.

  121. Appreciate for making this course free. Really helpful for preparation and taking the exam.
    Thank you!

  122. Good course and not too lengthy to provides really good insight in your strength and weaknesses in order to prepare you better!

    I would have given 5 stars if there wasn’t a mistake (imo) in one of the examples in lesson 5:
    At some point a sample questions says; A speaker costs 12 (present tense) and then: its price rose by 20% and by additional 2.4 the next day (past tense).
    Now I’m not native in English so correct me when wrong, but according to me the answer should be 50% because of a past increase to 12 (original price being 8) and not 40% as explained to rise to 16.8 from 12.

  123. Excellent content. Provides a great place to start for preparing for cognitive assessments. The FREE resources with practice questions are invaluable. I recommend, if you have time, to purchase on-going courses as they definitely provided me a benefit and allowed me to feel as prepared as possible for my assessments.

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  125. A helpful resource preparing for the CCAT. Good overview of question types and even a diagnostic exam of 30 questions under time-limit constraints gave me a sense of where I need to improve. I ended up purchasing the 3+1 exam kit for further prep.

  126. Very good prep!
    Although I was not convinced at the beginning that this is the prep I should spend time in (as so many online resources), as much I was watching the course the more I’ve enjoyed it. The trick and links are very useful and the way is designed is covering any time constraints (12h, early birds, etc). Well organized. After each session, taking through the suggestions and study plan I could see the difference. I was improving only after a few practices.
    Much appreciated!
    I highly recommended!

  127. Very good, but 1 star less cause I couldn’t get back to review my answers in the math drill.

    1. Hi John,

      Thanks for the feedback. You can actually review your answers via the My Account page, where your course history is saved.



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