GAN Aptitude Test Prep – Free Practice & Expert Advice

Were you asked to take the GAN Aptitude Test as part of an application process for an apprenticeship? We can help you prep for the test with expert advice, free practice resources, and much more! 

GAN Aptitude Test Format

The test includes three sections, let’s review them in detail.


In this section you will be asked to solve basic arithmetic exercises that involve the four operations, fractions, decimals and percentages. The use  of a calculator is NOT allowed. 

A sample of a paper folding task as seen on the GAN aptitude test

Paper folding

This section tests your perceptual skills. The figures represent a square piece of paper being folded and punched. Each hole is punched through all the thicknesses of paper at that point. You are to decide which one of the figures correctly represents the result.

Reading Comprehension

In this section you’ll have to read a passage and then answer multiple-choice  questions. 

GAN Aptitude reading comprehension sample question

Free Sample Test

You are welcome to take our short sample test that includes questions from all three topics of the GAN Aptitude Test.  It  is timed and it includes a score report and explanations.

Additional Practice Resources 

As we are still building a prep course for the GAN Aptitude Test, you are welcome to use the materials we found available on the web:


  • GAN HR

    GAN HR are the developers of the test and they offer paid exercise sheets for the test. However, we believe these sheets are over-priced and they don't include an interactive experience, nor timed tests with solutions and explanations. Click on GAN HR above to go to their website.