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Looking for advice and preparation resources for an upcoming Cubiks Logiks General (Intermediate) test? You’ve come to the right place! Here I offer you:

  1. A 100% free sample test with a score report and explanations
  2. A PDF with explanations per each of the official example questions that are provided by Cubiks.
  3. Additional advice and information about the Logiks General (Intermediate) test.
  4. You can also enrol in my free prep course or in my premium course built specifically to prepare you for this test.

Free Logiks Intermediate Mini Tests

Both practice tests follow the style and time constraints of the real assessment.

  1. Math Mini Test (8q, 2min)
  2. Verbal Mini Test (12q, 2min)


They are given for free as part of a prep course that is dedicated specifically for the Logiks General (intermediate) test. 

Grab My Free PDF

This free PDF provides detailed explanations and solving tips per each of the 10 example questions that are officially published by Cubiks, the publishers of Logiks General (Intermediate) test. This way you can gain more insight into the test and grab a few solving tricks that will help you save time in this stressful test.

Links to Official Logiks General (Intermediate) Example Questions: 

  1. The Cubiks website


Logiks General (Intermediate) Test Analysis

The Logiks General (Intermediate) test is a popular pre-employment cognitive ability test that follows the concepts of classic cognitive ability tests. It is widely used by employers across the globe, and preparing for it in advance can increase your performance.


  • Length: 12 minutes (4 minutes/section)
  • # of questions: 50
  • Topics covered: numerical (16q), verbal (24q), abstract reasoning (10q)
  • Calculator: Not allowed
  • Difficulty level: the questions increase in difficulty over the course of the test.
  • Used by: Top employers 
  • Similar tests: CCAT, PILI, RCAT, Wonderlic


There are 7 different question types on this test. Follow the links under each topic to get a better understanding of that question type and to review some samples with explanations.


Section Question styles
Numerical reasoning Number series, word problems, equations and arithmetic
Verbal Reasoning Analogies, antonyms, syllogisms, odd-one-out
Abstract Reasoning Series

Answering Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer additional practice materials for Logiks (Intermediate)?

Yes! I offer a prep course that was specificaly designed to reflect the Logiks (Intermediate) test, and includes full-length mock tests and lessons. It can be found here.  I highly recommend that you start with my Free Introduction Course to Cognitive Ability Tests. It will surely give you a positive head-start and also a coupon code which you can use when upgrading to the paid course.

What does a Logiks General (Intermediate) score report look like?

Excellent question! I dug deep into the rabbit hole and was able to find an official Logiks General (Intermediate) score report, but the only problem is that it’s in Polish (!). Still, it shows you how the score report breaks down your performance into three main areas:

  1. a general score: in this case 17th percentile, which is low.
  2. score per each subsection: in this case, 11/24 in numerical (below average) 5/16 in verbal (below average), and 7/10 in abstract (slightly above average).
  3.  accuracy vs speed: the candidate’s speed is average, their accuracy is below average

Which employers use Logiks General (Intermediate) in their hiring process?

Here are some known employers who use the Logiks General (Intermediate) assessment in their selection process:

  1. Shell. As a candidate, you will encounter this test in Stage 1 of the applicaiton process which is called Online assessments. It will be followed by a working style assessment. More details can be found here: SHELL US, Shell UK.
  2.  According to the Cubiks website, I was able to identify Eurofins – a big laboratory testing company.
  3. Petronas, the Malaysian Oil Giant.

In what languages is the test available?

According to the British Psychological Society, these are the languages available for candidates:

Chinese (Simplified), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (UK), English (US), Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Indonesian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Portuguese (EU), Romanian, Russian, Spanish (EU), Swedish and Vietnamese.


Disclaimer: 12minprep is not affiliated, nor belongs to Cubiks, which are the owners of Logiks General (Intermediate) test. This website solely provides information on how to prepare for cognitive ability tests.