Free Logiks General (Intermediate) Test Practice: Sample Test & PDF

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Looking for advice and preparation resources for an upcoming Cubiks Logiks General (Intermediate) test? You’ve come to the right place! Here I offer you:

  1. A 100% free sample test with a score report and explanations.
  2. A PDF with explanations for official sample questions provided by Cubiks.
  3. Additional advice and information about the Logiks General (Intermediate) test.
  4. Two prep courses to choose from.
  5. A free video lesson.

Free Logiks Intermediate Mini Tests

Both practice tests follow the style and time constraints of the real assessment.

  1. Math Mini Test (8q, 2min) | Verbal Mini Test (12q, 2min)

They are given for free as part of a prep course that is dedicated specifically for the Logiks General (intermediate) test. 

Grab My Free PDF

This free PDF provides detailed explanations and solving tips per each of the 10 example questions that are officially published by Cubiks, the publishers of Logiks General (Intermediate) test. This way you can gain more insight into the test and grab a few solving tricks that will help you save time in this stressful test.

Logiks General (Intermediate) Test Breakdown

Logiks general intermediate sample questions

Numerical reasoning

This section has 16 numerical reasoning questions and 4 minutes to complete. The topics are:

  • Number series
  • Word problems
  • Equations and arithmetic


An example of a number series question would be: What is the next number in the series 6 | 3 | 12 | 6 | 24 | 12 | ? |

The next number in the series is 48. The logic is  ÷2, ×4

6 | 3 | 12 | 6 | 24 | 12 | ? |






The next item will be the product  of 12×4=48

Try out more practice  questions in our Logiks General Intermediate sample test

Verbal Reasoning

The verbal section includes 24 questions and the time limit is 4 minutes.

The topics are:

  • Analogies
  • Antonyms
  • Syllogisms
  • Odd-one-out

Abstract Reasoning

The abstract section of Logiks General (Intermediate) includes 10 questions and the time limit is 4 minutes. In this section, there is only one question type which is shape series, in which you have to guess the next item in a series of figures.


Logiks General (Intermediate) Scores

Your final, overall score is calculated by combining the percentile scores of each subsection.

Let’s look at the score report of a candidate who registered for my prep course:



We see that her overall percentile score is 81, which means she scored above 81% of the population and is considered above average.

If we look at each section’s breakdown, we can see that she managed to answer a total of 17+11+8=36 correct answers.

This gives us a good benchmark: If you wish to aim for a high score, you want to get above 30 correct answers out of the 50 questions that comprise the entire test.

Answering Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer additional practice materials for Logiks (Intermediate)?

Yes! I offer a prep course that was specifically designed to reflect the Logiks (Intermediate) test, and includes full-length mock tests and lessons. It can be found here

Which employers use Logiks General (Intermediate) in their hiring process?

Here are some known employers who use the Logiks General (Intermediate) assessment in their selection process:

  1. Shell. As a candidate, you will encounter this test in Stage 1 of the applicaiton process which is called Online assessments. It will be followed by a working style assessment. More details can be found here: SHELL US, Shell UK.
  2.  According to the Cubiks website, I was able to identify Eurofins – a big laboratory testing company.
  3. Petronas, the Malaysian Oil Giant.

In what languages is the test available?

According to the British Psychological Society, these are the languages available for candidates:

Chinese (Simplified), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (UK), English (US), Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Indonesian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Portuguese (EU), Romanian, Russian, Spanish (EU), Swedish and Vietnamese.


Are there official practice questions/tests?

Yes, there are,  although very few. They are available on the Cubiks website. Just don’t forget to grab my PDF which explains these questions in detail.

How is Talogy related to the Logiks General (intermediate) Test?

Talogy is an assessment company that acquired Cubiks, the publishers of the Logiks General (Intermediate) test. Thus, while you may come across the name Talogy in the email communications from your employer, it will not affect the content/nature of the test you were asked to take. 

Disclaimer: 12minprep is not affiliated, nor belongs to Cubiks and/or Talogy which are the owners of Logiks General (Intermediate) test. This website solely provides information on how to prepare for cognitive ability tests.