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What is the Alva Logic Test?

Alva’s logical reasoning test measures General Mental Ability (GMA), which is also known as G.

  • Question type: 3×3 figural matrix
  • No. of questions: 20
  • Test duration: 15-20 minutes
  • Time per question: up to 2 minutes
  • Difficulty level: the test is adaptive (more about this below).

Free Alva Sample Questions + Answers

Take this quick test to assess your current performance on the logical reasoning abilities that are required in the Alva Logic Test. Upon completion of the practice test, you’ll get a score report that will compare your performance to that of other candidates who’ve taken this test, and in addition, you’ll get access to the solutions and explanations. 

More about 3×3 matrices

The question type that is used in Alva’s logic test is widely used in pre-employment selection tests. 3×3 matrices are most widely known thanks to John C Raven’s work on psychometrics back in the 20th century. His work includes the first matrices-based intelligence test, known as the Raven Progressive Matrices test (RPM). It is likely that Alva’s logic test drew inspiration from Raven’s test, although the items are obviously different and perhaps include new and more challenging concepts.

3x3 figural matrix sample

The rationale of a 3×3 matrix is that it can be solved by deciphering patterns that are seen either through the rows of the matrix or through the columns of the matrix. It could also be that both the rows and the columns adhere to the same logical pattern. Thus, when preparing for the Alva logic test you should train with questions that present all the possible logical patterns, and there are many of them.

How is Your Score Calculated?

As mentioned above, the test is adaptive.

Thus, two candidates who managed to correctly answer the same number of questions can get different percentile scores because they were served items with different difficulty levels. Here’s an example:

Alva logic test adaptive scoring explained


This also means that you can’t expect to have a table that connects raw scores (how many correct answers) and percentile scores. The raw score in an adaptive test simply loses its significance in terms of calculating the score and benchmarking it against a population of candidates.

What you do know, is that you want to try and hit the top percentiles of the population of test-takers.

Alva logic test score explained

To Cheat or Not to Cheat?

Cheating on the Alva Logic test is only possible if you have someone who can take on your behalf. You are taking a BIG risk if you choose to do so. In the end, apart from the test being a barrier on the way to the job, its results indicate what sort of tasks you can carry out at the workplace.

If you’d let someone else take the test for you, and that person will achieve a very high score that does not reflect our own innate cognitive abilities, you may very quickly find that you’re underperforming at work: you’ll be given tasks with high cognitive load and you either won’t be able to complete them or they will take you too much time. Cheating does not pay off, but practicing and training does!

The Benefits of Practice & How We Can Help You

Practicing for a general mental ability test has proven to improve candidates’ scores. Training allows you to perform better by:

  • mastering the logical patterns and reasoning concepts
  • helping to form pattern recognition
  • getting used to the time constraints
  • developing a sense of confidence and familiarity


Even the official Alva Logic Test website recommends practicing in advance. The only thing they omit in their recommendation is that you must practice with similar items and similar format, i.e. 3×3 matrices!   

I offer a prep course that covers all the possible concepts that can appear in Alva’s Logic Test, from the most basic to the most advanced. I highly recommend that you have a look at the course’s curriculum and try out a free test: 

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