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Were you invited to take the BRAIN Reasoning assessment by AssessFirst? Join me on this guide to get everything you need, from free BRAIN practice questions to tips on how to prepare and succeed on this test.

BRAIN Assessment Content


BRAIN is a 21-minute cognitive ability assessment that comprises four mini tests. The average time it takes to complete the test is actually around 18 minutes and during each mini test, the questions become more and more difficult.

Numerical Reasoning

This section includes eight questions that present data in the form of tables and graphs. They are similar in style to graph/table interpretation and analysis questions that are found in standard pre-employment numerical reasoning tests. 


Verbal Reasoning

This section includes two question types:

  1. Short passages followed by true/false cannot say statements, as seen in standard pre-employment verbal reasoning tests.
  2. Word analogies, as seen in any pre-employment standard cognitive ability test



Abstract Reasoning

This section includes the popular shape series question style. Lesson 6 in my free prep course reviews this question type and also provides a list of free practice resources on the internet with which you can train. 



BRAIN Practice Questions


Take my quiz that includes 11 questions and lasts 10 minutes, to get a feel of what the real BRAIN test by AssessFirst would be like.

Upon submission you’ll get a score report that will break down your performance in each section and will  compare you to the general population of test takers who’ve taken this quiz before. You’ll also get a chance to read the explanations per question and to grab some time-saving tips.

BRAIN Score Report Structure


I’ve seen quite a lot of score reports in my life, and the one AssessFirst produce for the BRAIN assessment is by far the most impressive. They analyze the performance according to a  4-factor model that measures problem-solving, handling difficulties, favored tasks, learning type.

Assessfirst measure your response times per question, to provide the employer information about how quickly you make decisions. They also look at your precision level, according to how many correct or incorrect responses you had.

The data collected in the test enables them to produce a report that includes the following points: 

  1. Preferred work (how well you performed)
  2. Decision making (how quickly you answered)
  3. Learning style (what’s your precision rate)
  4. Global potential, which is a summary score on a scale of 1-5. 

A sample report as seen on the Assessfirst website

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any official practice questions provided by AssessFirst?

Not exactly, but they offer job seekers to register to their platform and present their profile to potential employers. As part of that process, you’ll have the opportunity to take the BRAIN test yourself. Simply head over to their Registry page.

Can I take the test on my mobile phone?

No, the test can only be taken on a desktop/laptop screen, and not on a mobile device.

Disclaimer: 12MINPREP is not affiliated nor belongs to AssessFirst which are the owners of the BRAIN assessment. This website solely provides information on how to prepare for cognitive ability tests.