Your PILI Test Score Explained: Average Score, Percentiles, Norms, and More

Hi there! I am sure you’re asking yourself a lot of questions about your PILI (Predictive Index Learning Indicator) or PLI test score, so here are answers to the most bothering and popular questions that come up in regards to the PLI test results. Most of those answers are found in PLI’s official documents which are available online (see resources list at the bottom), but here’s a more digestible list…

Note: PILI is the newly branded name of the PLI test. Thus, any question you have in regards to PLI test scores has an answer here too. PILI stands for Predictive Index Learning Indicator and is also called the Predictive Index Cognitive Assessment.

What is the average PILI test score?

To quote from official PLI score reports, the average raw score ranges from 17-23. But you can basically assume the population’s average PILI score is 20 correct answers. However, most employers use scoring tables of specific norm groups (also known as quartile norms) that correspond with the job type they are recruiting for. 

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What’s a Norm Group and What is a Raw Score?

A norm group, also known as a quartile group, is a group of employees from a similar job function who took the test. Their scores were then used to create a benchmark score for that specific job function. When an employer wishes to select candidates for a new job opening, the test publisher provides them with this benchmark so that they can set the expected cut score for their own hiring process.

What’s a Scale Score?

The newly branded PLI test, known as the PI cognitive assessment, has introduced a new scale score which will be presented to you as part of the score report. the scale is 100-450 and the new average score is now 250, which is equivalent to a raw score of ~20/50.

Predictive Index cognitive assessment score report sample (previously known as PLI test)

A recreated sample of the new score report


Raw to Scale Score Conversion

I was able to find an article on the Predictive Index Company website that includes a link to a complete score conversion table: Scroll to the bottom and look for Raw to Scale Score Conversion Table. This table will allow you to convert each raw score to a percentile score.


What are the PLI/PILI cut-off scores?

A cut-off score, or a target score, is determined by the job profile, the employer’s decision, and the advice received by the assessment company that provides the PILI to the employer (it could be the Predictive Index company or their resellers). Luckily, a Predictive Index partner has published a PDF with a detailed list of target scores for different job profiles. Please look at page 2 on this file to see some useful examples.


Is There Negative Marking on the PLI Test?

You will not be penalized for incorrect answers. However, the score report provides details about the number of incorrect answers you had, per each section (numerical, verbal, abstract) and the recruiter can theoretically use this information. However, to the best of my knowledge, incorrect answers do not affect the decision-making process either. My tip – focus on answering as many questions as possible, and guess when you’re not sure of the answer.

Is My Score Affected by My Language?

Yes, you may score lower if you are not tested in your mother-tongue.

Is There a Verification Test?

It depends on the recruitment process of each employer, but most employers do use a second test to reduce the cheating levels as much as possible. It is interesting that the test publishers say that in most cases cheating is not a popular behaviour and that employers should feel safe using an online testing tool with no verification steps.

Can a PLI Test Score Reveal My IQ?

According to the PLI company, their test is not an IQ test, but rather an assessment that measures “the ability to adapt and to handle complexity” and “indicates how fast an individual can be expected to acquire new knowledge.” I assume that there is a high correlation between an individual’s IQ score and their score on cognitive abilities like PLI and others.

Is My Score Affected by My Ethnicity/Nationality?

Not to the best of my knowledge. However, please note this interesting fact which I found in one of PLI’s official FAQ files which is handed to employers and recruiters: The PLI test publishers admit that candidates from countries where tests and quizzes are more popular in the school system may be performing better than they would if they were to live in a country that does not use these tests so frequently.

More questions about scores?

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Disclaimer: 12minprep is not affiliated nor belongs to the PI company which are the owners of the PILI test. This website solely provides information on how to prepare for the PILI test and other cognitive ability tests


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