How to Ace the Crossover CCAT Test: Candidate Guide with Answers & Tips

crossover ccat test score and results

Are you considering to apply for a job at CrossOver? Or perhaps you’ve already been invited to take their aptitude test, known as the CCAT? In this quick guide, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about this test and the additional cognitive tests you’ll be asked to take. Stay tuned.

The Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT)

This is the aptitude test that CrossOver uses in their hiring process. All candidates, no matter the job type, will have to complete this assessment as part of the Technical Screen step.

CrossOver does not own this test, rather they buy it from Criteria Corp, the publisher of the CCAT and of other pre-employment assessments.

Important characteristics of CrossOver’s CCAT test

The test can only be taken in English.
• There are 50 questions and a time limit of 15 minutes
• The questions assess numerical, verbal, abstract, and general abilities
• There is no negative marking for incorrect answers
• You cannot use a calculator
• The test is taken twice, and the second round is proctored – you’ll be asked to use a webcam.

Head over to my knowledge hub to learn more about the CCAT test.

The Score That Will Get You To The Next Step

If you want to successfully pass the second step of CrossOver’s hiring process, known as the Technical Screen, you will have to score at least 35 correct answers out of 50 on the CCAT.
this score reflects a percentile score of around 85%, i.e. above 85% of the general population of candidates.

In this great article from Medium, a former CrossOver employee shares his experience on the hiring process and the required thresholds for different software-based positions. I highly recommend that you read it.

crossover ccat test score and results

However (!), please note that a passing score on CrossOver’s CCAT test will not necessarily get you to the next step, as can be seen in the image above. Additional factors are at play when assessing your candidate profile and you need to get them all right.

Obstacles and how to surpass them successfully?

Obstacle #1: Familiarity with the topics and time management
Solution: Practice, practice practice. Start with my free and popular introduction prep course to cognitive aptitude tests. This course will give you a bird’s eye view of what the CrossOver cognitive aptitude test is all about. Then, you can continue mastering the specific skills required to ace the CCAT with my popular CCAT cram prep course. It includes two free modules for you to start with.

Obstacle #2: The deadline

Some of you may be planning on applying to a job at Crossover months in advance. And some of you may have just gotten the invitation to embark on their selection process without a generous notice in advance. Perhaps you only have 72 hours left.  

Solution: It is definitely possible to prepare for CrossOver’s CCAT test in 3 days. My cram course is designed to answer that sort of timeline. 

Obstacle #3: Language

For many candidates, taking a test in English is not a simple task at all. People may be able to talk and write fluently in English, but when it comes to stressful testing conditions, one’s mother tongue plays a big role.

Solution: You should try to objectively assess how good/bad your English is, on the basis of two metrics: vocabulary and speed of reading. One good way to do this is by taking free speed reading tests. These tests measure your reading and comprehension levels. This way you can tell how well you’re able to process and understand English texts under time limits. Another good way is to take vocabulary tests. The CCAT includes vocabulary questions (antonyms) and these questions can sometimes be quite difficult.

If you find out that there’s room for improvement, see if you can clear enough time on your schedule to try and improve these skills prior to taking the test. Just to note, it is very difficult to witness improvement in vocabulary, while it is definitely possible to achieve a noticeable improvement in your reading speed and comprehension within short time frames.

Free Speed reading tests

These tests will help you measure two metrics: How quickly you read in English, and how well you understand what you read. You’ll be able to compare your results with that of the global average. It’s actually a pretty fun exercise 🙂

Here are two websites that offer a free speed reading test:

Ace the CrossOver CCAT

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Should I expect more aptitude tests by CrossOver?

You can expect more tests, but they won’t measure raw abilities/intelligence, but rather specific skills. It could be an assessment of your coding/algorithmic skills, or something related to accounting, and it depends on the nature of the position you’ll be applying to. 

Can I get a hold of the CrossOver cognitive aptitude test answers?

I know of a couple of websites who illegally sell recorded video sessions of Crossover’s tests. If you’re after such black hat ways, I’m sure you’ll find them easily. I personally don’t think it’s the right way to go. And in addition, as the CCAT test has a pool of hundreds/thousands of items in it, there’s no chance that you’ll see in advance all the questions that will show up on your own test session. 

Does CrossOver use a unique version of the CCAT test?

No, CrossOver is using the CCAT test that is published and sold to employers by Criteria Corp, the test publisher. There’s one CCAT, and it’s the same CCAT for all employers. The only thing is that the test itself is comprised of a large pool of items, to avoid candidates experiencing the same sets of questions.

What happens if I fail the test?

If you fail the CCAT and/or any step of the hiring process, you’ll be disqualified immediately. However, you’ll be able to re-apply again in 6 months. 

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  1. I really appreciate your help and i am to take the CCAT IN 3 days for cross over can you tell me which and all questions i need to focus on that will appear in the test.

    1. Hi Emem,

      3 days is still enough time to prep effectively and maximize your CrossOver CCAT score potential.
      Please check out our CCAT prep course which reviews each and every question type that is seen on the test. The first lesson in the course is free and it includes a video that will answer your question.



    Greetings, Gideon
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    For CrossOver, I will need to take the CCAT exam. Are you able to assist me in passing this exam? Do you have any tips that might be helpful? I would appreciate hearing from you.
    It would be greatly appreciated if you could assist me in advance.
    Thank you.