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Maximize Your PI Cognitive Assessment Score Potential

Are you facing a PI Cognitive Assessment, AKA the Predictive Index Learning Indicator as part of your job application process? Have you made sure to take my free introduction course to cognitive ability tests?

Then now it’s time to maximize your score potential with a quick and structured video-based prep course dedicated specifically for the PI cognitive assessment. You get lessons, mock tests to simulate the real thing, detailed reports to assess your strengths and weaknesses, and test-taking strategies.

Nice to Meet You

Gideon, Founder at 12 Minutes

Former Director and VP at test prep companies, ex-teacher and private tutor.
Knows pre-employment cognitive ability tests inside out. Passionate about helping you succeed.

Exclusive Coaching Session Offer:

When you buy my course, you can choose to add a one-on-one, 30-minute Skype session with me!

In this session, we will go over some of your tests to analyze your strengths and weaknesses and to equip you with winning tips that will maximize your score potential. 

In addition, I’ll help you cope with the stress and answer any other questions you have regarding the PI Cognitive Assessment and the PI Behavioral Assessment.

Read the reviews by customers who’ve taken this opportunity, by clicking on the Reviews tab.

Drill Down Into Each PI Cognitive Assessment Section

Three lessons in this course are dedicated to the main cognitive ability subsections of the test:

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Abstract Reasoning

These three lessons include lectures per question type and are packed with summary quizzes and solving strategies that will help you understand the different question styles that show up on the test.


Take a Free Sample Test in Lesson 7

Lesson 7, which is free of charge, includes a PI Cognitive Assessment sample test  (30 questions, 8 minutes) that will help you spot your weaknesses before taking the 4 full-length mock tests. This mini assessment comes with a detailed score report and with explanations per question.


Take 4 Simulation Practice Tests

My prep course provides 5 full-length mock tests that follow the format and content of the PI cognitive assessment, also known as the PILI test (formerly known as the PLI test). Each test includes 50 questions and lasts 12 minutes.

Upon submission, you will receive a detailed score report that will analyze your performance per each topic and question type, allowing you to better understand your weak spots that require further improvement. In addition, the test benchmarks you against all other candidates who took the test before, which gives you an excellent prediction of where you stand in comparison to the general population of employed workers. And most importantly, you get answers and explanations per each question. 

Learn How to Ace the PI Cognitive Assessment

There are video lessons which accompany each full-length test and provide you with the most important tips on how to maximize your score potential on the real assessment. In addition, during our Skype coaching session we’ll analyze your specific test-taking patterns to find ways to improve your performance.

Preparing for PI Cognitive Assessment is a Must!

Do you know that by preparing for the PI Cognitive Assessment you are getting closer to your maximum score potential? This is acknowledged by the test publishers. Please refer to this official Predictive Index FAQ file (page 6/8), which specifically says (quote):


it is actually ideal when an assessment taker is trained or familiar with the PI Learning Indicator item types, as it gives the company the best possible insight into the candidate’s true potential 

What can we learn from this? That by preparing for the PI Cognitive Assessment you are making sure to perform at your best, which is exactly what your employer is looking for! 

In addition, there are thousands of employers who’re using the Predictive Index in their hiring process, and thousands of other employers who use a similar version of a cognitive ability test (e.g. Wonderlic). If you’re planning a multi-application job hunt journey, then preparing for this assessment could help you with other applications and save precious time. 

Maximize Your Potential with My Prep Course

Know each of the 9 question types
Simulate real test conditions with 4 full-lenth mock tests
Find your strengths & plan your test session accordingly
Get effective test-taking strategies

This course can maximize your score potential. Click on the Curriculum tab to take a few free, sample lessons, or simply click on Take this Course to unlock access to all course content.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Yes it is! The Predictive Index Learning Indicator (PILI) and PI Cognitive Assessment are synonymous names of a pre-employment selection tool that is owned by the Predictive Index company.

Yes it is! The Professional Learning Indicator (PLI) and PI Cognitive Assessment are synonymous names of a pre-employment selection tool that is owned by the Predictive Index company. It is simply sold and distributed under two names.

You will gain immediate online access to my prep course, here via the website. The access will be valid for 60 days.

You will be able to complete each test 10 times, for as long as the account is active.

Yes, that’s correct. Only $29 US dollars for this exclusive PI Cognitive Assessment practice course.

Disclaimer: 12minprep is not affiliated nor belongs to the PI company which are the owners of the PI Cognitive Assessment. This website solely provides information on how to prepare for cognitive ability tests. 

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Founder at 12minprep.com. Former Director and VP at test prep companies, ex-teacher, and private tutor. I know pre-employment cognitive ability tests inside out and I am passionate about helping you succeed.

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