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The Predictive Index Test = Two Assessments!

In 2024, the Predictive Index Test can still refer to 2 separate assessments. If you’re applying for a job, you will most likely be asked to take both of them. Let’s break it down in this friendly and resourceful guide.

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Two PI assessments that make up your profile.

Behavioral assessment

A 6-10 minute survey that asks you to choose which adjectives describe your personality.

While it’s not a test you can prepare for via training, you should follow best practices and know how it works and what it measures.

Cognitive assessment

A 12-minute, 50 question test that measures mental ability.

It was previously known as the PLI test and is now called the Predictive Index Cognitive Assessment, or PICA.

Take a Predictive Index Test Sample

It is important to get acquainted with the assessments prior to actually taking them. We give you a variety of ways to engage with the content and challenges of both the cognitive and behavioral assessments. As a start, you will find below a predictive index test sample for the cognitive part and links to videos that will show you what the behavioral part looks like.

Cognitive Test Sample

Our sample test includes 30 questions and a time limit of 8 minutes. It is a mini version of a full-length Predictive Index cognitive assessment test and serves as a preliminary way to explore the test’s question types and experience the strict time frame of the real test. It includes all the question styles you’ll see on the real test. Upon submission, you’ll get a report with a performance breakdown and explanations per question!


Behavioral Test Sample

The behavioral assessment can theoretically be taken without any prior preparation. Having said that, any test brings about feelings of anxiety and fear from the unknown. That’s why we bring you some excellent guidance on how to approach this test. As a start, have a look at the first few seconds of this video on Youtube. Everything else you need can be found in our popular and free guide:

Grab Our PI Sample Test Answers & Explanations PDF

This free PDF provides detailed explanations and solving tips for each of the 20 sample questions that are officially published by the Predictive Index Company. This way you can gain more insight into the test and make sure you understand the reasoning behind the correct answers.  

How Are Your Predictive Index Test Results Being Used?

This is one of the most important topics in this article.

Firstly, cognitive and personality assessments are known to be excellent hiring tools for finding suitable candidates. Essentially, coupling those two assessments together is pretty much the standard these days and lots of companies use these tests. This means that the results of these tests have a big influence on your hiring chances. Sometimes, they alone will determine whether you move on to the next step of the application process or not.


Secondly, the results of your predictive index test will eventually affect your job interview! Yes, the PI company tailors specific (behavioral) interview questions according to the results of your cognitive and behavioral assessment reports.

I’ve written an article dedicated specifically to the interview questions you may be asked in regards to your Predictive Index cognitive assessment results.

As for the behavioral assessment, part 3 of my guide touches upon this issue in detail. Look for section 3: The interview in light of PI results.

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Summary and Homework

  1. The predictive index test can actually refer to two types of assessment!
  2. You must prepare for both, each in its specific style.
  3. Taking a predictive index test sample is a good way to kickstart your prep journey, but it should be your first, rather than last stop. A single session will not have the impact required to maximize your score potential.
  4. Your predictive index test results will affect your interview! Use our guides to learn how your results will determine which questions will be thrown at you.
  5. We can help you prepare for these tests and succeed! Make sure to check my prep courses
  6. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us using the Need Help chat box at the top left corner of the screen.

External Resources


Important pages on the Predictive Index (PI) website:

The cognitive assessment

Cognitive assessment scoring guide

The behavioral assessment

Answering Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average score on the cognitive assessment?

At least according to PI literature, the average score spans between 17 to 23, depending on different geographies and sectors. But this range also suggests that the average is 20, as it stands just in the middle between 17 and 23. Learn more in our article about  PI cognitive test scores.

Is the predictive index test equivalent to an IQ test?

The cognitive assessment is not an official IQ test. according to the publishers, it measures cognitive ability and points at a number of success factors that are related to job performance. In reality, it’s very close to being an IQ test.

What if I have learning disorders?

Learning disorders such as Dyslexia and Dyscalculia can indeed negatively affect your score. You should notify your future employer so that they can make any necessary adaptations.

Is there a verification test?

This depends on the employer. Generally speaking, all employers are advised to use a verification step, as it reduces cheating. Therefore, you should expect to have one test at home (via email) and a second test at the employer’s office.

Can I retake the test?

If you feel that you’ve underperformed due to an unjustified reason (e.g. you got distracted by an urgent matter), then it is best to inform the employer of your wish to retake the test. If the employer uses a verification round, that will likely be your chance to prove your eligibility for the job: A candidate who scores low on the first round but scores higher on the second round will be assigned the score of the second round.

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