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What is the Bairesdev Problem Solving Test?

The Bairesdev Problem Solving Test is one of the most likely tests you will face during your BairesDev application process. While many of the other assessments that BairesDev may have you take are designed to assess your knowledge of specific skills, the Problem Solving Test is a more general cognitive ability test used to assess your problem-solving skills.

  • No. of questions: 20
  • Test duration: 16 minutes
  • Difficulty level: increases as you move forward through the questions

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Free Bairesdev Problem Solving Practice Test

Take this quick test to assess your current performance on the test. Upon completion of the practice test, you’ll get a score report that will compare your performance to that of other candidates who’ve taken this test, and in addition, you’ll get access to the solutions and explanations. 

Problem Solving Test Content

The Bairesdev Problem Solving Test includes 20 numerical reasoning questions. To the best of our knowledge, you can use a calculator during the test.

The question types you will see during the test are seen in all pre-employment cognitive ability tests.

Word Problems

Word problems can come in all shapes and sizes. The topics they present are the following:

  • Basic arithmetic
  • Ratios, percentages, averages, speed-distance-time
  • Probability and combinatorics
  • Two-variable equations


Here’s a sample question (easy):

Paul played in 6 basketball games and scored an average of 22 points per game. He scored 17, 25, 22, 28, and 34 in the first 5 games. How many did he score in the final game?

  • 5
  • 6
  • 22
  • 24
  • 18
  • 14

The correct answer is 6. To find the missing number, you must first figure out the total amount of points scored. Since he averaged 22 points over 6 games, this means the total number of points scored must be 22 x 6, which is 132.

Next, we must find out the total number of points scored in the first 5 games. If you add up 17 + 25 + 22 + 28 + 34, you get 126. Subtracting 126 from 132 will give us the total number of points scored in the final game, which is 6.

Number Series

Number series is a well-known question style and you have likely come across it in high school. You are presented with a series of numbers and are asked to complete it. The missing item can show up as last or in the middle of the series, as seen in the below examples:

28 | 37 | 55 | ? | 120

-6 | 12 | 6 | -24 | -6 | 36 | 6 | ?


Here is an example of a number series question that you might see:

6 | 18 | 54 | 162 | ?

  • 174
  • 216
  • 186
  • 486
  • 324
  • 386

The correct answer is 486. The pattern is that each number is multiplied by 3.

162 x 3 = 486

The Benefits of Practice & How We Can Help You

Practicing for a general mental ability test has proven to improve candidates’ scores. The same rationale applies to the Bairesdev Problem Solving Test. Training allows you to perform better by:

  • calculating faster
  • familiarizing yourself with math concepts that you haven’t trained on for a long time
  • developing your confidence 

I highly recommend that you have a look at our prep course’s curriculum and try out the free test that’s offered above. 

Score higher on Bairesdev's problem solving test

Learn how our course can help you.

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