Lesson 1: Understand Test Scoring (Free)

Lesson Materials

Here’s what the PI cognitive assessment score report looks like. It includes the target score (suitcase icon) that was set for the given job. If you get the score report, you’ll simply not see the target score. 


In this case, John managed to answer correctly 29 questions out of 50. This got him a scaled score of 340, and it put him in the 86th percentile, which means he scored better than 86% of the candidates in his norm group. John also scored above the target score for the job in hand. You can see that the average score on the test is 20/50 correct answers.

Want to learn more about the scores?

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  2. List of official resources that are worth reviewing (PDF, for geeks)
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PI Cognitive Assessment = Professional Learning Indicator (PLI) = PILI

Don’t get confused. The exact same test is found under three names. The PI company acquired the PLI test and it is still being distributed under the old name in certain regions.