Free CCAT Mock Test (30 questions, 9 minutes)

Hi, and welcome to my website. Just a quick note to inform you of my 100% free cognitive ability test prep course which was taken by more than 20,000 candidates. Many candidates have reported that this course helped them prepare for the CCAT, so I think you should check it as well. In addition, by taking the free course you’ll receive a 12% discount on my premium content, which includes full-length practice tests that follow the CCAT style. That’s it! Good luck on the quiz 🙂


Before you hit the start button, please make sure to:

  1. have a pen/pencil and some scrap paper.
  2. not use a calculator.
  3. turn off any distractions.
  4. answer as many questions correctly and avoid getting stuck on any question for too long. 
  5. mark an answer to each and every question, the real test will not let you continue otherwise. 
  6. thoroughly review my explanations to each question upon receiving the score report. The key to improvement lies in this step.